5-01-16 by dave

The sky was clear and blue with the high peaks pluming in the high East wind that made the temps. Winter Cold.   The wind was transporting snow, which covered the dance floor with cold dry product that made the Groomers velvety smooth, that felt more like mid February than May first.  Here is a shot of the East Twin with the wind sending clouds of snow high in the air.  DSC03819With a slight delay getting the Little Cloud chair open, the morning crew headed over to Gad 2, where very nice lines had been worked for the first time in quite a while.  Gadzooks was a real highlight, as it very rarely gets the Grooming nod, and today it was offered with steep smooth lines that were also covered with transported snow that felt deep Winter velvety.  Here is a look DSC03820at the upper section with just a couple sets of tracks on it.  I had to lap this rarity a number of times, before heading over to the Little Cloud Chair to get the wide open smooth that was waiting there.  Again, the Winter conditions made the upper elevations feel smooth and arcable top to bottom.  Here is a shot of the extra wide treatment of Regulator.  The off trail was feeling pretty DSC03821soft, but there was some residual rumble to deal with from all the traffic yesterday.  The Road to Provo opened a bit later, which offered a bit deeper accumulation of wind deposited snow in the bowls and some of the sections were developing wind lines.   Lower on the hill, there was some corn goodness beginning to break that felt great and made the top to bottom option a treat.  Tomorrow, look for another cold morning with wind still in the mix, so look for some transported product to be coating the smooth lines.  There will be some warming later as the Sun works the hill, so you can expect some more nice corn lines to crop up as the pack breaks.  Traffic should be very light after the weekend.  Speed Safely!!

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