4-03-14 by dave

The dance floor was covered with between 4 and 10” of ultra light Essence overnight, refilling the tracks and making this another sleeper day.  Few faithful showed up for the goods that were picture perfect in the bright, cold, morning air.  Since the Sun was out, it was wise to hit the shots the Sun was going to trash first, and there were deep blower lines out in Mineral Basin, which seemed to have been blessed with the most depth.   A Lewis and Clark sojourn was rewarded with no traffic, smooth blower lines, and fast laps that kept me going back for more.  On the front side, the Groomers were covered with 3 inches of perfection, which made those smooth lines just that much more perfect, as if that was possible, but it was.  It was impossible to have chosen a bad line on the hill, with every exposure a spring treat.  The cold morning temps slowed the Sun damage, but those direct aspects did become a bit manky after a while, though the North facing aspects continued to hold the cold.  Tomorrow, look for soft snow to still be available all over the hill, thought he South and East aspects took the hit and will be a bit dodgy in the AM.  The High North is very fat and looking filled in for the first time of the season.  Here is a shot of the High North out in Mineral Basin looking frosty and full.  Those tracked out lines were still providing very nice sliding, with the old tracks just a texture and did not affect the turn at all.  Nice.  See you there for the morning fun.  Ciao!!DSC02019

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