4-04-14 by dave

It was a surprisingly cold morning despite the bright Sun and clear sky.  The snow pack continues to be soft and cold on most exposures, but those South and West faces had been worked by yesterday’s Sun and needed to be avoided.  The High North was very nice, with big pockets of fluff to blast through.  The Groomers had improved as well, with a much firmer feel that resisted the punchiness that characterized yesterday’s mat.  The Big Smooth had been prepared on the Peruvian side of the hill, which offered dry, cold, chalky lines top to bottom, and I just hit the Peruvian Chair to keep the momentum going, and get as much of the sweet cold dust as I could get.  The cold temps kept the lower elevations from developing the pasty feel.  I would loved to have kept going long into the afternoon, but I just ran out of gas at 2:00PM after such a huge week of Powder Blasting.  Tomorrow, look for a variable day of storm riding, as two days of unsettled weather moves into the Front.  The High North still holds the cold and additional accumulation will favor those aspects.  Also look for some possible wind lines if the prefrontal winds work the dance floor.  The interference patterns are still holding back from a big build up as traffic on the hill has been fairly light.  Most lines are still offering fairly smooth lines, with just a bit of static to deal with.  I will be off tomorrow, so I will leave it to all of you to work the floor with gusto.  Here is a shot of the Twins that I took this morning when the light seemed to light it just right.  This view never gets old.  Peace Out!!DSC02024

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  1. George L. Lewis, IV says:

    It may be lonely at the top but the view is best!

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