4-05-14 by dave

There were windows of Sun interspersed with periods of variable visibility to start out the day.  There was a dusting on the dance floor, which favored the Groomers that felt extra special smooth with the fresh coating.  Those off trail sections, that had been worked by the Sun in the past few days, were a bit problematic, but that did not seem to cause much concern to those who ventured into those affected aspects.  A large impulse moved across the Valley around 12:00Noon, which took a direct line up the Canyon and delivered some additional accumulation to the hill.  Impulses continued to move through, making the visibility an issue.  Precipitation should tapper off overnight, with some morning clearing, only to be followed by some more unsettled weather later in the day.  Be prepared for weather when you go up, as the weather is still a day or so away from moving into a high pressure pattern.  The High North is still holding the cold and will be the place to still find the soft snow. Here is a shot of some of the ultra light Essence shining in the morning Sun. See you for the morning festivities.  IBBY!!-43

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