4-02-14 by dave

It was clear and cold this morning as the faithful finally arrived to partake of the second dose of goodness.  All those areas that were held off yesterday opened, offering blower overhead depth that had maintained the quality overnight.  Some of the exposures had seen some wind compaction, making them seem much denser, but the lines that had missed the wind were awesome once again.  The cold air kept the quality refrigerated despite the morning sunshine, but clouds moved in by 10:30AM with flurries that moved in and out all day long.  The flurries did not accumulate, but it did preserve the goodness.  The hill is really fat wall to wall, with all those high points that would not hold snow all season, now fully covered and of no concern.  The interference patterns are very minimal, but are present where  the amplitude was highest, and where the recent traffic has worked the usual places.  The Groomers were very nice as well, though they did seem a bit punchable if you stuck your turn too hard.  Lower Primrose Path was absolutely buffed and as good as it gets, making that section the place to be on the lower part of the hill.  Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation as the minor impulses are predicted to continue.  The Groomers will be off the charts excellent as well, so look for the usual big lines to be good to go.  Entrances are much better now after all this new accumulation, but do not get too jiggy with the approach to the Upper Cirque, where just days ago a dry reef was holding just off the drop.   Here is a shot of the goodness above the traverse to the Exotic Trees.  Deep and sumptuous.  IBBY!!DSC01811

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