4-01-14 by dave

Today was a true April Fool’s day today  with the faithful not rallying for the deep accumulation that covered the dance floor for today’s festivities.  As anticipated, the installment of recent days created a perfect cushion to make today bottomless almost on every exposure.  It was sliders choice and it was impossible to not get a good line, however the visibility was a serious factor.  I was just diving into the whiteout out in Mineral Basin, where the top to bottom untracked lines were as close to a helicopter run as you could get, and, with the low turnout, you could go right back up and do it all over again. Hoots and hollers where echoing in the bowls as the folks could not believe the ultra high quality of the Essential offering.   Today will go down in memory as that one April Fool’s day of 2014 that was as good as one can imagine.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to have built up as the waves of impulses continually hit the Front.  It is raining here at the Trailer as I write this.  I have no advisories to give here, as it is good to go wherever you choose to drop the line.  Here is a shot of the beautiful mixologist at the Forklift Restaurant’s Martini bar that is part of the Apres Ski happening  on the deck.  It is a perfect way to decompress after a day like today.  Be sure to check the road report in the AM for the possible road restrictions.  It is going to be bottomless once again.   Yikes.   Syrup won’t stop ‘ EM!!!DSC02018

2 Responses to “APRIL FOOL’S”

  1. Boyle says:

    I like this shot. Mountains and Snowbirds. I’ll have another.

  2. Mikey C says:

    I swear I had the best top to bottom of my life.. or as you said, several of them!!

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