3-31-14 by dave

There was a fat foot of medium density Essence covering the dance floor, which greeted the faithful who were treated to an 8:45 AM start to the festivities.  The density of the product cushioned the old crusty layer, but the bottom was still an issue from time to time depending on the exposure.  Mineral Basin opened after a short delay, offering the deepest accumulation on the hill, and it seemed that the density was much lighter back there with some seriously blower lines.  Staying ahead of the Sun was important as the rays were quick to affect the quality, but the cold temps seemed to hold off the inevitable for a much longer time.  The Road to Provo opened in short order and was consumed in no time at all, but the North facing aspects offered some very nice soft snow that stayed cold and dry.  This installment will be a perfect addition before the next storm arrives during the next couple of days.  The hill is in great shape wall to wall, and the next installment should be bottomless.  Tomorrow, look for weather to move into the Front, so visibility will be variable.  It could well be a storm riding day, so dress for the cold and wind.  There may be some accumulation overnight, as the impulses are moving in as I write this.  The interference patterns have been subdued by the recent accumulation, so full on fall line assaults will be free of any real static.  Pressure on the hill should be much lighter, so a lot of vertical will be easy to achieve.  Here is a shot of a strange sighting way out in an aspen glade  I was dogging.  I have no idea of it’s significance, but I thought it was very cool.   See you for the storm riding.  Peace Out!!DSC02019

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  1. Steve "O" says:

    Maybe its Hoppy????

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