1-22-14 by dave

The sky was ultra blue over the hill this morning as the clarity of the air was pristine.  As anticipated, the Groomers and sunshine out in Mineral Basin was offering some very nice corduroy for the first hour.  Very light traffic all over the hill made it seem like a private resort.  Light winds also made it feel a bit warmer, but it never really got as warm as yesterday.  All aspects have been holding tough without too much change to speak of.  The weather dude is calling for some clouds tomorrow moving through with some associated wind, so look for some transported snow.  It will be up to the wind Gods to decide where to put it, so that will make it a surprise.  There is precious little loose snow to be transporting and I don’t expect much in the way off accumulation, just some added buff.  Look for the Groomers to be best, especially if the light is flat. You want to know you can trust it, and you can count on the Cat Crew for consistency.  Snow guns have been turning out additional cover, and some of those Gun Powder lines were creamy and dreamy below the guns.  Nice touch.  Look for the goodness where you can find it.  Here is a shot of the Luv Chicks -Bunny, Crystal, and Scarlet- who were down from Seattle out enjoying the view out on a Lewis and Clark overlook.  I had a great time speaking with these ladies.  I hope you had a great day.  Be there for another chance to pull out the stops and let ’em run.  Ciao!!DSC01772

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  1. Lynne says:

    It was great meeting you today. We had a fantastic day. Mineral Basin was good even in the afternoon. Could you email us the original post along with the picture so we can post it on Facebook? Thanks,
    Scarlet, Bunny, & Crystal

  2. George L. Lewis, IV says:

    We also met these fun and fashionable guests off the Gadzoom chair lift; we hope to see them back in the spring at the resort! Regards, G & L

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