1-21-14 by dave

Yeah, we need more snow.  No doubt.  But, what we do have is so much better than just a couple of weeks ago.  The big rocking Groomers are open for fun, with the morning corduroy offering some sumptuous carving before things begin to get pushed off.  All over the hill the Grooming crew has been working to keep things consistent.  Snow making continues in spots to keep the build up on those  hard to cover sections.  Mineral Basin was going off from the opening bell, with few takers  for the first hour.  It is like a private resort back there, especially if you work the Baldy Express, where the terrain features in the middle add a skate board park transition feel.  Later in the day those South facing aspects really started to feel spring like.  There were actually some of the direct South facing wind lines offering real corn when the Sun worked the sections.  Nice touch.  The High North is still offering the cold dry chalky lines, with the minimal rumble only slightly problematic.  Tomorrow, look for the last Sunny morning for a couple of days as a brush by brings in some clouds.  I expect wind to begin working the hill out ahead of the system, so look for some of those lines from last week to be working again.  There are still some nice wind lines populating the outer reaches of the High North, so look there for the obscure and interesting.  Firmness is not going away anytime soon, so look for the smooth collected lines on the sides and tree lines for traction when things get greasy.  Here is a shot I took of the Rock Garden area.  I was trying to capture the rime ice feature glowing in the Sun, but it did not capture it as I had hoped, but there  is some very interesting lens flare components that are intriguing.   See you for the early morning ground pounding session.  Peace Out!!DSC01768

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  1. Tim says:

    Hi Dave – I am heading out there tonight and have been reading your great posts for ideas. Can you tell me where the “High North” and “Lewis and Clarke” are.


  2. dave says:

    Hi Tim. I am glad you are coming out, the skiing is very good. The High North relates to all the shots that face North on the upper third of the hill. Jewis and clarke refers to the Baldy Experss lift out in Mineral Basin as it is always an exploratory run. Have fun and say hi when you see me motoring around.

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