1-20-14 by dave

The day started early this morning with the first Tram leaving the dock at 8:15 AM. in celebration of another Customer Appreciation Day.  Pastries and hot beverages were being offered at the entrance to the Tram.  What a nice way to start the day.  Out in Mineral Basin, the Sun was shining brightly, with nicely prepared Groomers to rock the arc.  Louis and Clark was also offering some carvalicous lines with little to no traffic.  Nice.  Here is a shot from that little foray into the far reaches.  These cliffs really reflect that morning Sun and they are so close you can reach out and touch them it seems.  The High North has been developing some nice wind slab lines that are worth the traverse to get that dry chalky feel.  Dig in deep for those turns that will remind you of the goodness next Summer.  That is what I am thinking about when I am dialing them in.  I must have way too much time on my hands.  Tomorrow, look for another high octane shred fest on the smooth and velvet.  The sides of the main runs do collect the snow that is pushed off, making those cushioned lines the place to be when things get sketchy in the middle of the run.  The Sun has been working those South facing aspects, which get nice and soft later in the day, but they are a bit crusty first thing, however, the Grooming Crew does a nice job of tenderizing them until it gets softened up.  The entrances to the big lines are, once again, getting very difficult to access, and they require a very careful approach to get into, but offer very nice rewards once in the sections.  More Sun and warmth on tap in which to luxuriate, so be there for the fun. IBBY!!!DSC01763

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