1-19-14 by dave

If it won’t snow it might as well SUN.  Mineral Basin was best with the bright sunshine and great Groomers offering some very nice velvet.   A Louis and Clark line was still smooth and holding up after all these days.  The warmth of the days have begun to melt off some of the cover near the treesDSC01762 in places that get that direct Sun.  Here is a shot of some green grass making a bold appearance at the foot of this tree.  I think it is a bit premature don’t you think?  The front of the hill was buffed top to bottom on both sides, with nice grooming lines that kept me amped up and lapping the Tram.  There is a competition going on in different sections of the hill, so some of the old favorites are out of play for a couple of days.  Other sections that usually get closed on these occasions are still open, which makes the options much more interesting.  Tomorrow, look for another day of inversion warmth and blues skies.  The wind has backed off and those lines that have been buffing out are not getting refreshed, though there are new lines developing on the High North aspects.  I will be taking a look at the new open area tomorrow to see how it is shaping up.  Since much of it slid during control work, some areas are down to the very old layer and may be tricky.  I will go see for myself.  Even though it is a holiday weekend, the traffic is very marginal, and lift lines are quick and fast if they are there at all.   Motoring around the mountain is fun to do with the no waiting situation.  Take advantage of the nice warm days and smooth lines on the hill.  See you there for the first Boat.  Ciao!!

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  1. Pickle says:

    Yo bro
    Wasssssssss happpppining
    Dear brother

  2. dave says:

    Wow, after all these years you finally read my blog. Oh Yeah!!!!

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