1-18-14 by dave

We are again deep in a holding pattern with regards to the weather.  Seems like Groundhog’s Day sometimes, where each day is much like the last.  However, armed with the knowledge of yesterday, one can make better use of today.  Some might say that this is boring, but I beg to differ, as there are still lines of perfection as has been evidenced the last few days for those who found the golden thread.  I took the day off today and sat out the dance to rest up for the coming week.  I have been plotting how to make yesterday’s knowledge work for me tomorrow.   I know I can dig a little deeper for the full effect of the turn, slide that edge just a touch longer before the lock and load, and put my head into the turn just a bit earlier to get moving down the fall line. The prospects are infinite.  Tomorrow, look for another day to make a ripping yarn, a ripping turn, and a rock fest to see just how committed to the dance you are.-34  The Groomers will be going off again, and I will be looking for more wind lines to caress.  The Louis and Clarke approach is always good for the morning  session, and as has been the case all week, it will continue to offer some unknown gems.  Look with a knowing eye and get to those early treasures.  Here is a shot of the Sun rise taken from the peak courtesy of my friend Paul.  Note the large planet to the right of the Sun.  Hmmmm…. looks awfully large.  Perhaps it is Jupiter.  Guesses?  IBBY!!!

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  1. Carole Livingston says:

    I think Venus changed to the am and Jupiter is now in the night sky, here in CA. Happy Birthday

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