1-17-14 by dave

The wind worked wonders once again, creating long lines of goodness just like I had hoped.  The warmer morning temps were offset by the stout wind that continues to blow out of the North.  Mineral Basin was the go to place with abundant sunshine, great groomers, and perfect lines of wind slab.  Here is a shot of the Big Boom Bah that had been worked by the windDSC01757 overnight.  It held up all day long despite the traffic that was drawn to this line.  It is such a long relentless pitch that it thins the crowd after they take a few runs.  1000′ of down will keep you working the section.  I was certainly glad to pull up at the bottom of this section and look back up the line and just be amazed.  The Grooming Crew did a stellar job of getting the rest of the main runs in shape.  The cold dry chalk is still holding up for most of the day, and even after a lot of traffic you can find great cushion on the sides and tree lines.  Tomorrow, look for the wind to resurface the wind lines as the wind is not done yet.  The Groomers are holding up all day, keeping the smooth feel good to go all day.  Interference patterns are beginning to rough out again, but they are still holding off with the lighter traffic. Keep your eyes open as you ascend the lifts for the best assessment of the terrain.  There are still some very rasty open slope sections that have been stripped and scoured by the wind.  You do not want to be dealing with these sections, and when you get a look at some of these sections you will know what I mean.  On the plus side there are a lot of great lines to choose as options, so you can by pass the the Gnar with a chuckle.  I will be off tomorrow, so rip it up for me.  Peace Out!!

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