1-16-14 by dave

The inversion has been building in as the High pressure has stalled over the region.  The warmer morning Peak temps are a treat, though the stiff wind that has been continually blowing keeps the feel a bit brisk.  As anticipated, the wind did a wonderful job of providing some of the most perfect wind slab lines of the season, with a variety of consistencies that kept you going AHHHH!!.  I had to dial in the turns to get more of the exquisite natural carpet that felt like silk top to bottom of that Big Smooth section.   Other lines were also going off, and it did not take much looking to find the goodness.  I was able to take the goggles off in the afternoon and go with just the shades.   Nice!!! Off of the wind smooth lines lay some very difficult scoured terrain, which kept you on the straight and narrow.  I saw one charger miss the line and get shot over into the stacatoDSC01756 rumble.   I had to chuckle a bit as he got his roll stopped and made a hasty bee line back to the goods.  Keeping the fall line in the sight line was paramount today.  Tomorrow, look for  the wind to have resurfaced some of those same go to lines and there might be additional lines if the direction clocks around a bit.  Mineral is still offering the sunny morning lines, with lots to choose from despite the wind scoured sections.  On the Front side the Groomers will be going off again, and the High North is still offering the dry chalk.  The interference patters are still slow to rise in amplitude, so get those lines you know now before the traffic increases.  Here is a shot of Regulator with some very nice smoothness in the afternoon.  Good fun is on tap, so get there for the early morning laps.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. Cherene paul says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing day!
    Can I get the guy who channels so I can look up the info/message.
    Also the wing….. Website, and The other book you suggested.
    I am trying to remember as I am sitting in the motel googling the info.
    Btw, love love love your blog……and your angel wings!!!!!
    Thanks again for such a memorable and beautiful day.
    Many blessings my dear friend.

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