1-15-14 by dave

With the continued wind coming out of the North, some of those lines that were going off yesterday did not have quite the buff that kept me going back.  I revisited yesterday’s wind buff, but it had moved elsewhere.  I looked out in Mineral Basin and found  the line that is favored by that wind direction, however, it was obvious to everyone, so it did not last long at all.  It did begin to get more consistent as the traffic eased up and the wind continued.  I will be looking there in the AM to see what happened over night.  Once again, the entrances to the big lines remains sketchy as it has been scuffed off with the traffic, but perhaps some of the transported snow might fill it in yet.  Interference pattens remain slow in returning, though the tops are still in play.  I have been looking to the edges along the trees for those deeper accumulations.  Regulator is still a bit greasy on the top section, so hold on tight there for the first 200 feet or so.  There is softness below so expect to regain traction.  Tomorrow, look for the wind sections that might have been set up overnight,  great Groomers on all sides of the hill to offer velvet dry chalk, and the traffic to be light once again.  Be aware of the Black Ice in the Lower Canyon, as it has been claiming the unaware and impatient.  Things happen fast, so get to and from the area safely.  Here is a shot Looking down the range to the West with the air looking clear.  See you there for the morning rock session.  IBBY!!DSC01750

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