1-14-14 by dave

All of the major areas of the hill opened today in a staggered manner, which gave everyone a chance to get the remaining untracked of this last storm cycle.   The wind had worked all of these areas very hard, so there was a huge range of conditions to encounter wall to wall.  In Mineral Basin the wind deposited lines were the most consistent, with the wind continuing to refinish the surface as the day progressed.  The Road to Provo also opened offering some of the most challenging conditions I have seen in a long time, as that rime event left a significant Zipper Crust over the entire area.  There were a couple sheltered sections that were sweet, but that crust sent me packing.  The High North seemed to offer the best lines of the day, as the wind left those lines smooth and luxurious.  You really had to look around and explore for the gems.  The Groomers were much improved, however, echos of the old crustiness still reverberated and it needed to be acknowledged.  We are moving into another long stretch of High Pressure and the hill will begin to morph as the aspects get worked by traffic and weather.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be going off, especially out in the sections that have been building up the base.  It will be fun to see how Powder Paradise shapes up.  Sunshine and warmer temps are also on tap, so take advantage of the more relaxed pace to find those improving lines that will be developing.  The hill is shaping up nicely after this last installment, and it will continue to offer great snow sport sliding in the AM.   Here is a shot of Mineral Basin waiting for the faithful to get after it.   See you for the first Bucket.  IBBY!!DSC01748

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