1-23-14 by dave

The Trailer was shrouded in clouds all night long, but the hill was clear and Sunny from the word GO.   Those Sun illuminated Groomers in Mineral Basin were offering very  nice high speed cruising all morning long with the light traffic.  There are still some wind lines that are still holding the smooth, but most are short and sweet. That big shot off of Silver Dipper is still holding up, but has developed some chop half way down.  The front of the hill is very firm, but the tenderizing efforts are paying off.  Be aware of the usual slick spots and float them. There  is a lot of talent on the hill, with folks visiting from all over, so be aware of fast movers hitting the lines with fresh eyes.  There is plenty of room with the light traffic, but keep an eye uphill at all times.  Tomorrow, look for another warm day on the hill after the Sun gets up in the sky.  I dressed down around Noon, but hung on to my hat just to be sure.  Look for Gun Powder under the snow guns.  They have been offering those early morning turn extravaganzas.   Untracked is untracked after all.  Here is a shot of the Tram cables glowing in the Sun.  This was a hard shot to get.  Peace Out!!DSC01773

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  1. Gary Thompson says:


    Always enjoy your reports. Looking forward to my annual trip from NH at the end of Feb. Getting tuned up locally, and will be ready to go.

    Your photos always look great. Just wondering what you shoot them with.

    Thanks for the reports!

  2. dave says:

    Thanks for the props. I love taking the shots as it captures the essence of the day. I use a Sony Cybershot 14 megapixle camera. Small and quick. Thanks for reading. Dave

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