1-24-14 by dave

The temps were much warmer this morning, with no wind, no traffic, and bright Sun letting you see every detail out in Mineral Basin.  Once again, it was a point them and go type of day, with trust worthy corduroy during the morning session.  The sky was ultra blue against the high peaks.  Here is a shot of the Moon just over the peak of the West Twin.  Fresh air, good friends, and a prepared dance floor is a great way to spend the day.  Tomorrow, look for another fun filled day of full boat motoring all around the hill.  With the addition of the Gad 2 High Speed Quad, the Gad side of the hill now has many more options with a quick turn around.    I have not ridden that chair as much in the past, but now that it is fast, it becomes a real feature in overall run plan.   But most planning is seat of the pants, so it helps the spontaneous impulses as well.  The Patrol opened out of area touring today, making that yet another option.  Hmmmm.   I will be off tomorrow, so you will have to do the polishing for me.  Those wind lines are coming back slowly, so keep and eye peeled.  See you Sunday.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01776

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