1-25-14 by dave

I spent the entire day here at the Trailer re aligning the antenna for the Andromeda feed to facilitate the upcoming download next week.  Up on the hill was another day of smooth driving on the cruisers.  It was even warmer today, and I saw some interesting images of the late afternoon goings on out at the Beach.  All things remain good to go with the hillDSC01765 now as rumoring of a break in the weather coming next week.  It seems there will be a number of days of unsettled weather for the middle to the end of the week.  Keep your fingers crossed, but do not pay too much attention so as not to jinx the pattern.  In the next few days it will be instructive to take stock of where the lines are now set up.  The cover is much better than we had during the last dry spell, so  the hill is going to be really good to go with the additional cover.  The notorious entrances will still be needing some serious help, but it will at least make it approachable.  Tomorrow, look for another sunny day with those warm temps setting up for the afternoon session.  I still expect a fairly cool morning with no cloud cover.  I usually drop a layer around 12:30 PM when I feel like I can ski with the top down.  Remember those South facing aspects will be mighty crusty first thing so let them thaw a bit.  The Groomers will be hard to pass up when they are so calling you to point ’em.  Here is a shot of the Check Point at the Border to Alta.  It is that easy to cross over.  See you for the first Boat.  IBBY!!

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