1-26-14 by dave

I saw the last two cats pulling off lower Chips run as I was pulling into the parking lot, which tells me that there has been a fresh till put down on the front of the hill.  The sunny morning pulled me back into Mineral Basin – no surprise – where the Groomers were so delightful.  This is the type of condition where you can find the elusive Carvasaurus Rex and Trechzilla leaving those tell tale tracks in the mat.  It was that type of day.  I moved back to the Peruvian Gulch to sample the fresh till over there and I was not disappointed with the top to bottom treat.  Anderson’s Hill was given a fresh mow, which led to Chips Face and Lower Willows.   Wow, what a great combination for goodness.  I had to lap that line before it got hit too hard.  Regulator is still very firm, but it does have some dust to work with, however, it does require your full attention.  The wind was working on the upper elevations as the weather begins to change up from the High Pressure.  Perhaps we might see some transported product to be placed in those special lines.  We will have to wait and see what turns up.  Tomorrow,  look for another sunny morning with the wind continuing to develop and clouds to move in during the afternoon.  The Groomers will be offering the goods on all sides of the hill.  I am still drawn to the full Sun illumination out back for the first go round.  Snow guns are still pumping out some nice Gun Powder  out in Mineral, so get some of that before it gets worked.  Here is a shot of the Air Med helicopter just as it touched down this morning. It is fun to watch it land and take off.  Here is also a shot of Yinong Lan, who was visiting from China for the first time.  He was so stoked to be here and was being shown around by his good childhood friend Gin.  They had not seen each other in 35 years.  It was great watching him experience his first Tram ride.  Rock on guys.  See you in the AM.  IBBYDSC01784DSC01785

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