1-27-14 by dave

The first signs of a weather change began to manifest today with high winds out of the North, and a low cloud deck that was intermittent all day.  Everything off trail was mighty tricky in the flat light, but the Groomers were trustworthy for the good smooth lines.  Regulator got some special grooming treatment, as it was skiing better than it has for days.  It was so nice to get some traction.  The wind began to deposit transported snow in the low areas and low angle slopes.  The high angle slopes did not seem to hold the buff as well, and those slick spots required your full attention.  Tomorrow, look for more clouds to influence the visibility, no new snow yet, and the Grooming Crew to have prepared some rocking fun runs for the morning session.  Once again, be looking for the lines that are fat, so that when the new installment moves in you will be hitting it with confidence.  Mineral Basin was closed after the first few runs due to wind, so look back there for some wind lines to be setting up.  There will be some good lines to find on the hill in the AM, so be there for the smooth buffed morning session.  Here is a shot of the Valley with the first of a line of cloud decks that moved through all day.  See you for the morning shred fest.  Peace Out!!DSC01792

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