1-28-14 by dave

The weather dude promised a cloudy day today, but he was wrong as the day was clear and bright.  The Valley began to clear out the bad air as wind began to stir the atmosphere.  Here is a shot of the Great Salt Lake off in the distance.  I have not seen it this clear in some time.  The hill was extra special firm as the opening bell sounded, with some type of freeze seeming to have gripped all the aspects.  The wind was trying to deposit some cushion, but what  little there was, was blown away quickly.  I looked for those pockets all day, but found them in short supply.  Chips had been given a fresh till for the morning, offering the best traction on the hill.  The off trail is still holding up without developing any higher amplitude in the interference patterns.  I was scoping out the fat lines to keep in the back of my mind for when things get covered.  Tomorrow, look for clouds in the AM, with snow developing during the later morning hours and continuing all day.  It looks like we are in a pineapple express pattern for the next few days, which means that the moisture content will be high.  That will help bond to the old layer, and cushion the hard pan.  With a bit of luck we should be able to work the new product in as it arrives.  Storm riding is best, and knowing the lines is a bonus.  Watch which way the wind is blowing in the AM and plan to look on the down wind side of things for best accumulation.  It might be tough for anything to accumulate on some of those super hard surfaces. We will see, but any additional product will be welcome anywhere at all.  See you there for the morning festivities.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01793

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