1-29-14 by dave

After a very long wait, the weather moved in for the first Tram, with just a touch of velvet to start things off.  It is hard to believe that just that small amount would make such a difference.  The high density snow continued to fall all day long and it built up in a luxurious fashion.  Despite the visibility issues, I ventured out to Mineral Basin to scout out the lines, finding the low angle aspects the best call.  I went to ride the Forklift Chair to let the new installment build up and met this Conshy Girl from Philly who is here with the Wissahickon Ski Club.  It was really fun to meet her and give her the  low down on the day. After breakfast the low angle aspects got really good and the steeper shots became much better.  Regulator was very greasy, with very iffy visibility, so I just stayed with the trees and details.  More snow is in the forecast, and with the wind working the hill, the big variations will quickly become a memory.  Remember the fat lines for sure, but this heavy spackle will really go a long way to cover the gnar.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, and, perhaps, some Canyon restrictions.  There is a cold front moving in, so the density will improve as things get colder.  Dress for cold and get ready for fun.  The hill is primed and ready for this installment.  I am looking forward to fun.  See you t here to rock it out.  Peace Out!!DSC01795

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