1-30-14 by dave

The new installment that greeted the Faithful this morning was very dense, but cold and dry, feeling like you were frosting a cake with a paper knife. Luxurious turns were to be had on most aspects as the new snow stuck to the old layer nicely.  I was finally able to lay into a turn and not feel like I was hanging out too far.  There were some tiles present on Regulator, but they were negotiable as there was plenty of soft snow to dial it back when needed.  I went out to Mineral Basin when it opened and got lap after lap of untracked lines out on a Lewis and Clark sojourn.  So nice not to have pressure for the goods.  The high traffic of the morning session backed off with a much quicker turnaround up the hill.   Harbor Chop really began to work up  into a  serious froth as the traffic worked the product into the hill.  This chop required either a total power blast approach or a slower rounder technique.  I bailed when I could not take the chop anymore, but I had a great time.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight as well as accumulation during the morning session. I expect another strong showing by the faithful, so get there early to get your place on the first Tram.   I was 3 out this morning even thought I was a bit early. Doh!!  Here is a shot of the Morning Crew the other day just before the weather changed.   Good times.  Ciao!!DSC01781

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