1-31-14 by dave

All of the mountain opened up yesterday, leaving the leftovers for the morning faithful who showed up for another chance to trowel the product.  The Groomers were very nice, with trustworthy edge-ability that made me feel like I can still make a real turn.   I have been slarving and shmearing for so long on the hard pack that I was beginning to wonder if I could dial it in.  Today’s corduroy made you feel like a rock star.  When the crowd got spread out the lines were non existent, with back to back Trams easy to make if you had the chops to keep the pace.  This dense installment covered all the weathered surfaces on the South facing aspects, the wind scoured sections, and much of the rocky sections that have been tough to get around.  What a treat to hit lines that just the other day made me cringe just looking at the prospects.  Today, all that has changed andDSC01797 the hill has many new possibilities.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be great once again for the morning session. It is best to hit those ground pounding lines before they get chopped out with the traffic.  Also check the wind speeds and direction for some transported snow lines to show up if we get a lot of wind overnight.  The flow is out of the North, so look for those South facing aspects to hold some fresh goodness for the morning session.  It is so much fun meeting the folks who read my posts.  Here is a shot of Robert Shredford and Team Milli Vanilli who I met a few years ago.  These guys get 110% out of their stay here and it is so much fun sharing the dream with great folks like this.  Thanks for sliding guys.  See you Sunday!   Peace Out!

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