3-12-13 by dave

It was another morning of two dimensions, with clouds and wind on the front side and bright Sun out in Mineral Basin, all covered with and inch of the most sumptuous Essence of recent memory.   It was an overnight gift that stuck and cushioned the hill to the point that the Groomers were actually bottomless.   The Big Smooth was the best powder run of the season – no exaggeration –   with untracked lines top to bottom on the entire lower section of the mountain.  That, was after 4 rapid fire runs out in Mineral Basin, which got the day off to a rocking start.  The off trail had nice lines of smooth wind deposited goodness that were very tasty, but there was still some crunchy rumble outside of those lines.  Visibility improved on the front side  to bright Sun,DSC01363 and it did not take long for the warming rays of the Sun to start working the dance floor.  The lower mountain was responding the the ambient warmth by beginning to glop up a bit after 2:00PM.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to, once again, offer some serious ground pounding fun,  the direct Sun facing shots to be extremely crunchy, and another fun filled, rapid fire day.   Here is a shot of Timp. down South looking imposing in the clear morning air.  See you for the morning laps.   Peace Out!

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