3-11-13 by dave

The wind was nuking out of the North this morning to such a degree that your skies were trying to blow away and resistedDSC01358 falling to the snow.  Yikes!! The sky was overcast, keeping the Sun off the product, which went a long way to hold off the heat damage that would have been happening if the rays had not been obscured.  The Groomers were being covered with transported snow, making them extra buffed.  Out in Mineral Basin the lines were filling in and the big groomed lines were really nice, but the wind was making it a toss up when you thought of riding the lift in the maelstrom.  As the day progressed the wind backed off just a touch, making it much more reasonable to ride the chairs.   I was still motoring around in Golf Cart mode, but found all the lines a treat and silky smooth.  I was working the Big Smooth for most of the morning to get the sweetness before it got chopped up, but the continued wind work kept refreshing the lines all day long.  At 2:00PM the fog began to roll in on the top of the hill, so I took that sign to call it a day and rest my shoulder, which is making a slow comeback.  Tomorrow, look for the Grooming Crew to have prepared sweetness on all sides of the hill, the wind deposited lines to still be holding up after the low traffic day, and, perhaps, some clear skies for the morning crew.  On such a grey day I thought I would include this shot of the colorful Victoria Von Sanderson and Victor Parkingbanks, who were taking a break from ripping the hill with unbridled enthusiasm.  You can see it in their eyes.  Yes it was that good today!!  See you for the first Boat!!   Ciao!!

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