3-13-13 by dave

It was another brisk morning, though the Sun was up and clear, so it was going to warm up fast.  The residual cold in the snow made the Groomers very velvety, even on the Southern Exposures, but the North facing section could still be counted on for some cold.  The Cat Crew punched a new lower mountain line for this mornings rock and roll festivities, and it had to be lapped continually to take advantage of such a rare chalky dry treat.  The Sun worked the South faces, providing some nice softness later in the day, and even the lower elevations of the hill were feeling the ambient warmth.  The High North lines, that had been developing the inerference patterns, are getting smoother with the traffic as the last cycle’s snow is setting up for some nice wind slab.  The traffic shavings are making these areas better as the day wears on.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to provide the best lines, but the High North is still holding up for those looking to go farther a field. BeDSC01367 sure to give those South facing aspects some time to soften in the AM.  More Sun and warmth is predicted, so you can dress down a bit, and you can go down to just Sun glasses from the first Bell.  Here is a shot of American Fork Twins looking ultra 3D today.  Perhaps it was the higher angle of the Sun.   IBBY!!

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