12-18-18 by dave

With very light traffic, lots of smooth prepared lines on both sides of the hill, it was a perfect training day. I was taking advantage of some of the Gun Powder that was being laid down by the continued snow making efforts. Both sides of the hill are offering smooth consistent lines top to bottom, and there are some very fun variations on a theme if you look around a bit. Here is a shot of my friend Nycha checking out the possibilities off of Who Dunnit. It is always great to see her out on the hill and to be able to stop and enjoy the moment. Light was on and off all day long, but the smooth surfaces kept it good to go and the low traffic made back to back Trams a breeze. Here is a shot of one of those curious windows in the clouds that seemed a bit magical. Tomorrow, look for an overcast day as another front moves this way with just a brush by. I started this morning wearing just Sun glasses, but I was sent quickly to the locker to get some goggles. The Groomers will be offering the goods from the word go on both sides of the hill. The off trail continues to improve as traffic works the lines, and the troughs in the interference patterns as smooth and round. Even I can make a turn in those sections. I’ll probably dress a bit for colder temps and I will be taking the goggles out just because. See you there for another day of smooth snow sport sliding. IBBY!!

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