12-19-18 by dave

Rain pelted the skin of The Trailer with insistence during the early morning hours, signaling the arrival of fresh Essence up on the hill. The wind was pounding and the Tram was down for the morning session. The hill was covered with a delightful coat of fresh frosting that was smooth, soft, and predictable on the low angle aspects. The steeper pitches were scoured by the wind and were not nearly as tactile as the lower aspects. I did a couple of Gad Zooms to try out the product, but with a foggy morning brain, I left my vest at The Trailer and I was woefully under dressed despite adding my extra layer. There was not much of an opportunity to get a shot for today, so here is a shot of Mikey M pulling one of his Trademark Pan Pizzas out of the oven at last week’s Pizza Extravaganza. After Noon, the clouds began to move off and the Sun came out, so I am sure the day turned out to be a great one. Tomorrow, look for that fresh coating to have been tilled into the mat, making for some soft dialable carpets. It should be a sunny day with mild temps, and the details will be well defined with the clear skies. Off trail will be variable as the new product filled in the low spots, but there could be some firm sections as you move though the interference patterns. Traffic should be very light once again, but folks will be beginning to arrive for the holiday. Still, plenty of vertical should be easy to get. IBBY!

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