1-04-16 by dave

With warmer morning temps. at the base, I thought it might be warmer up high, but the clouds that wrapped the peak made the temps. cold, and I am glad I still dressed for the cold.  The visibility was a bit touchy as the details were hard to come by with the fog that was ubiquitous all over the hill. Mineral Basin was offering some nice Groomers but you had to trust the FORCE to feel  your way down the prepared lines.  The Sun was trying to come out, and did in fact light one section of the Lewis and Clark area just in time for me to dial in a ripping right hand round house turn that I have been having fun with all week.  The off trail continues to consolidate, though that static rumble is keeping the ride a bit rough.  The interference patterns continue to build, but the lines through them seem to have an easy cadence.  The far section of the Exotic Trees opened for the first time of the season, and the intrepid Chuckster did the recon out there and reported very variable conditions.  The interference patterns have not built up yet, as it just opened, but the long time sitting after the storm worked it over pretty well.  I will get out there next time it snows now that it has seen some traffic.   Since the visibility was so tough today, I offer this piece of art that I did last Summer just to add some color to the day.  DSC00342 - Version 2Tomorrow, look for continued weather to be keeping the visibility interesting, some overnight accumulation to give a very small bit of cushion to the dance floor, and light traffic on the hill.  The Groomers will be offering the best feel in the variable light, and will make the lines that much smoother.   I will be doing a bit of recon out to some of the far out rope lines to see how things are looking farther out of the way.  See you there for the morning fun.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!


  1. Carole Livingston says:

    Liking your more abstract colorfull paintings very much. Are you selling?
    Been down with hip bursitis, got shot, then only to get stomach bug, NY not off to good start yet. Going to the desert on Sunday, perhaps some warmer weather will help.

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