1-03-16 by dave

There were smooth runnings out on Mineral Basin for the morning session.  The Sun was out, and the corduroy was carvelicious with the natural snow out there offering dialable arcs.  The warmer temps. were a nice change, but there still was a bit of wind, and I am glad that I still wore my cold weather coat.  Traffic was light and the laps were fast and easy.  I was sticking with some of the side lines to get as much of the snow that had been pushed to the edges to get the frosting effect in each turn. Here is a shot of Superior I took while I was checking out the cover. DSC03349This pitch is filling up, but is going to take quite a bit more to fill the steep chutes up high.  The fat noses have been getting traffic and looks good over there.  The off trail continues to offer good dry chalk, but the static relief will be quite bouncy if you charge it too hard.  Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming to be the hard charging call for the morning session.  The temps. will be moderate as well, but I will wait and see what the wind speed is looking like before I choose a coat for the first Boat.  I am still waiting for those last sections of the hill to open, but they will open in due time and will be worth the wait.  I will keep you posted.  The traffic should be quite light for the morning session, and I don’t expect much pressure all day long.S_SH_20_90_5228  I might think about bringing out The Wings for the first time of the season.  Clean runways are always a treat.  IBBY!!

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