1-02-16 by dave

With the inversion firmly in place, the temps. up high are beginning to warm up, especially as the Sun gets higher in the afternoon.  Today, those wind buffed lines from yesterday’s wind event was the place to get the early goodness, and the Groomers were good to go with great visibility out in Mineral Basin.  The early turns out there have been just stunning with traction that you can trust even with less than stellar edges.  The light was variable as some high clouds and a few lower clouds moved through during the day.  Here is a shot from the Tram Rat during yesterday’s wind event, with the snow blowing up off the top of the Twins and the Sun back lighting the ridge.  16E7D8D3-7CB6-46C1-A510-FB1F6B9CF2A8Off trail, the conditions continue to consolidate with the wind and traffic.  High frequency, low amplitude static is becoming more wide spread, with higher amplitude interference patters getting solidly set up in the high traffic areas.  There are still lots of lines farther out on the traverses that still offer good charging crud.  The entrances to the big steep lines have become very sketchy, and you can expect to take your time getting into some of them.  Tomorrow, look for even warmer temps. to be a nice change after all this cold weather.  There may be some clouds moving through that may flatten the lighting a touch.  Look for those smooth grooming lines to be offering some ripping good corduroy for the morning session.  The hill is in great shape now, and it is fun to start exploring the far reaches.  Stay Frosty!!

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