3-31-12 by dave


It was just too warm today.  These conditions are more in line with the middle of May than the last day of March.   The antenna array was blow completely out of whack by the heavy South Wind, which will take me some time to sort out next week.  The ridge tops were indicating wind transported snow in the back lit morning Sun, so those North facing exposures were getting filled.  The high temps. definitely softened the dance floor, as it did yesterday, so after this cold front moves in tonight we can expect the off trail to be frozen solid.  The forecast is not encouraging in terms of accumulation, but anything can happen here in the Wasatch, and I am holding the image of another dose similar to what we had two weeks ago.  Now that might seem a bit like wishful thinking, but I like to dream, and if it turns out big, all the better.  The lack of traffic during this past week, in addition to the small accumulation, has gone a long way in mitigating the interference patterns over most of the hill.  The High North aspects were the smoothest lines, and will be the go to choices in the event of a small accumulation associated with this front.  If there is a significant accumulation it will expand the choice factor markedly, but the underlying crustification will still be in play.  Remember the long rocky approach to the Upper Cirque if it gets covered by new snow, which could be somewhat problematic if you were to charge the approach and reef out.  Just sayin’!!  The weather is getting stranger and stranger everywhere, so we might just luck out and get a big return to Winter.  I can dream can’t I?    Here is another shot of the beautiful Snow Mushrooms.  I just love those fungi!!  IBBY!!!

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