4-01-12 by dave

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This morning lived up to the April Fool’s spirit on a number of levels.  I parked in the lot at 8:05 AM with some rain on the windshield, and no accumulation on the hill.  By the time I got suited up, one of the hosts told me it was dumping outside, and by 9:00AM there was 2” of fresh Spackle covering the frozen crustulation on the hill.  I was fooled into thinking there was not going to be any snow.  Next, the Groomers were frozen solid smooth with the untracked skiing beautifully, cushioning the turns, but straying off the main runs was absolutely gnarly and problematic, sending be back to the dead center of the run to avoid the jarring crud.  Fooled again!!!  The snow kept falling all day, but it did not build up enough to keep the cushion going.  Regulator was very difficult, with tiles and piles making the consistency of each turn impossible.  I just had to make a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair to assess the rest of the day.  Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation, but expect the underlying frozen crust to still be in play.  With a bit of luck there might be more cushion over the ubiquitous crust, but use extreme caution in your line choice, as the hidden ice chunks can interrupt a turn in a radical way, so be aware.  The Grooming should be a little softer as the new product gets mixed into the mat, which will make the early runs the best of the day.  Perhaps the Sun may come out, so the quality will be short lived as the heat works the new snow.  Stay ahead of the Sun for best results.   Here is a shot of the stunning Victoria Von Sanderson sporting a fashion forward look that will be sweeping the ski world very soon.  So Hot!!!  I’ll see you for the first Boat.   Peace Out!!

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  1. Heyatoya says:


    After seeing that photo of Victoria, now I know what causes all of those mushrooms to form and why the snow is melting!

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