3-30-12 by dave

It was quite warm this morning as the first Tram crew hit the peak.  Mineral Basin was looking bright and sunny, and had been given some more extensive Grooming runs to present some smooth, sumptuous, velvet to carve through.   I had to keep lapping the lines to get the most of the rare morning perfection.  The front of the hill was offering some really nice lines on the High North faces, where still dry cold sugar was available on the upper half of the hill.  The day warmed up quickly, so following the Sun was mandatory.  The bottom of the hill finally started developing  the sticky spots, which really can put the breaks on unintentionally, so a cautious deceleration BEFORE you hit the flats is a good call to avoid hitting the glop at high speed.  Better to be going slowly when the breaks come on suddenly.  Tomorrow, look for another beautiful day out ahead of the next installment that is coming in later in the weekend.  The Groomers will again be offering the  smooth lines, but the High North is still holding up for the hard charging big lines.  Again, follow the Sun, with the West facing holding out the longest, which

Snow Mushrooms

also extends the options as you move through the day.  The lower mountain will develop the stickies again, so the early runs give you the best quality.   I don’t expect any serious increase in the traffic, so it will take a bit longer for the lines to get chopped up.   Here is a shot of some rare mountain Mushrooms, which graced the hill today, here pictured with the Snow Goddess who loving tends and nurtures these crystal treasures.   Thank You Snow Goddess!!!   Peace Out

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  1. Martin says:

    Hi Mushrooms look great

  2. george says:

    can ski with you when come out to visit

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