3-29-12 by dave

That little impulse that moved through last night left a nice coating of high density, cold, dry essence that offered a bonanza for the light turnout during the early hours.  The best aspects were the North facing shots that benefited from the wind blowing extra depth onto the slopes, which cushioned the crunch that was ubiquitous on all aspects.  The already smooth shots were best, with the low angle slopes feeling almost bottomless with the cushion.  The steeper shots were very nice, but the bottom was fully in effect.  The Sun began to work the product that was exposed to the direct Sun, but cool temps., and some high clouds, lowered the temps after 1:00 PM preserving the quality.  Light snow and wind moved in the late afternoon, but there will not be the accumulation as we had today.  Another Sunny day is on tap, so get there early for the best of the day, and follow the Sun to stay ahead of the damaging rays.  The High North aspects will still be holding some cold snow, and the Groomers will be velvet smooth as the new product gets worked into the mat, so we have some serious ground pounding to look forward to

Fresh coating

in the Morning.  The reduction in traffic has backed off the interference patterns a bit, making the lines much less impactful with the fresh cushion working the magic.  Take advantage of these low traffic, great sliding conditions, before we get the next storm, which will draw the traffic.   Here is a shot, however out of focus, of the Upper Cirque I took from the Tram as I stuck my hand out the window.  I did my best to chronicle the smoothness, and you get an idea of the coverage and mitigated bumps.   Nice!!!   Ciao!!

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