2-08-18 by dave

High thin clouds shrouded a bit of the Sun’s rays today making the light just not quite the High Definition of yesterday. Still, there was plenty of details to be found out in Mineral Basin as well as some amazing corduroy carpets that let you explore your inner Ligety. Those lines off on those Lewis and Clarke explorations let you dial in what ever arc you wanted with perfect accuracy turn for turn. Nice!! Here is a close up shot of the Hydro Velvet, un trammeled with the Sun back lighting the nap!! It may get deeper, but it does not get better! On the front of the hill, the morning session was a bit dark as the reflected light from across the Canyon was not as illuminating as it was yesterday, but the smooth carpets made up for any lack of detail, and the lower elevations had that whirring and zizzing sound coming off of each turn. The off trail was offering still soft lines on some of the High North aspects, but a high frequency rumble is becoming ubiquitous, however, there are lines well worth the effort to access. Here is a shot of Team Z, who read the site everyday and were stoked on the low traffic, big vertical, and non stop top to bottom runs. Tomorrow, look for more ground pounding fun from the word go. Mineral Basin will be offering the bright Sun lit lines that are totally untracked for the early risers. Temps. should be moderate again, but I had to keep my hat on all day today, and I am betting on the same tomorrow. While interference patterns are building on the high traffic areas, other lines are becoming more smooth as traffic polishes the high density pack from a few days ago. Those smooth lines are out there, and are worth keeping a sharp eye out. As a parting shot, here is Neil’s shot of Mineral Basin from the Landing yesterday with the High Definition visibility. Dial it up, and dial it in!!

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