2-07-18 by dave

The air was cold and clear as crystal, the Sun was shining, and the sky was ultra blue making for a high definition day. As anticipated, the Groomers were amazing on all sides of the hill, but the wind deposited goodness that covered the carpets in Mineral Basin were made for full edge articulation. The off trail was offering some very nice lines on some of the North Facing aspects that had folks working those lines early. The Road to Provo opened after being closed yesterday, and I took advantage of the lines I was working two days ago to find untracked goodness right where I left it. Later in the afternoon, the Sun became obscured by a cloud that built up over the peak, making the light go flat. The quality remained good all day as the temps. kept the product refrigerated and soft. Here is a great shot of The Boston Boys, who were all charged up and fully amped to hit the steepest lines on the hill. They read this site every day and were working the hill with the info. Tomorrow, look for another day of fun in the Sun. Temps will be cold again in the AM, so dress for it, but be ready to shed layers as the day warms up. The Groomers will be offering the smooth Hydro Velvet carpets that let you explore your inner Ligety. Even my friends on snowboards were getting super laid over and loving it. The off trail will continue to be soft and is becoming more consistent with traffic. There are extensive interference patterns on the high traffic areas, but there is plenty of big mountain smooth to be found with a bit of looking. The traverses are improving and are becoming much more approachable as well, just use caution. Get ready for some ground pounding fun. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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