2-06-18 by dave

A few inches of fresh Essence covered the hill this morning, making the Groomers off the chart amazing. The Morning Crew retraced yesterday’s opening run to replay the sumptuous runs of yesterday. Visibility was marginal once again, but the smooth lines were happening, though some of those low angle lines had been worked a bit and had a touch of rumble to deal with, but it was no problem. On the Front of the hill, there were fresh lines to find, and if you were a bit ambitious you could find some untracked lines well into the afternoon. What a treat it was to have low traffic and light flurries keeping the day fresh and fun. Here is a shot of a bit of a break in the clouds looking down the Canyon. It was great fun to explore a bit further afield with all the recent snow, and I was able to dial in lines I had not skied all season. While on one of my more obscure line approaches I came across this pealing section that was throwing over a shallow reef. I was lucky to be able to duck dive and not get sucked over the falls. Tomorrow, look for a return of the Sun as the storm moves off. The Groomers will be offering stellar Hydro Velvet and the off trail is offering very nice lines that will be easy to spot with the added definition. It might be a tad cold in the AM, so dress up and be comfortable. Traffic should remain light and the morning runs will be vacant for the early risers. There are folks who thought this ripper could be sidelined, let it be known for those who doubt, Jimmy Whack is BACK!! Straight Ahead!!

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