2-05-18 by dave

An overnight sensation of high density grauple covered the dance floor, only cleared off by the wind on the high points. Aiming for the bright white threads offered amazing quality that rivals any of the best of the season. In Mineral Basin, though the visibility was marginal, the low angle aspects were holding as much as 8″ of buoyant chiffon feeling Essence. With the visibility so tricky, no one could get an eye on the lines, so those sections I was working stayed untracked for many laps. On the front of the hill, the Peruvian Gulch was offering great lines as well, and the high density of the product cushioned the ride and made some of the rumble of previous days almost forgotten. Later in the day, the Road to Provo opened, and I was able to ski a line I have avoided all season, finding beautiful wind blown goodness filling the low guts. I had to make numerous laps there as well to make up for lost time. Here is a shot of Team Love’s Park IL., who are newly weds experiencing their first Tram ride on their first Day at the Bird. They were on first Tram, which is a great start to a long life together. Later in the day, breaks in the clouds let the visibility improve and I got this shot of the Twins which had just appeared. Tomorrow, look for another cool day, some light overnight accumulation, and amazing Groomers wall to wall. The off trail will still be offering some great lines, as the hill never really got totally worked over. Look for those overlooked or unseen lines that are still waiting for the Cosmic Touch. Conditions have markedly improved and with any more accumulation will be just that much better. IBBY!!

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