2-04-18 by dave

Traffic was light on this game day, with very difficult visibility on the upper elevations. The Cat Crew did put an extra dose of love into the mat, providing some very nice corduroy top to bottom. Out in Mineral Basin, a contingent of the Morning Crew found a wind buffed surface covering the fresh till, but the visibility back there was challenging as well. There was a rime ice event adding to the visibility issues, however, sticking with the known smooth lines helped keep the ride mellow while I scraped my goggles while underway. On the bottom of the hill, the corduroy had a very soft and silky feel, and shaving off the nap was a treat that had me dialing it back to extract goodness from each turn. With no opportunities to get a good shot of the day, I offer another piece of the art I have been working on. Tomorrow, look for some accumulation from a quick impulse that passed during the game. I will be looking for those Groomers for the smoothest ride. I did do a bit of exploring today, and found some wind lines that are out of the way and have avoided any traffic to speak of. Look for continued unsettled weather, so dress for the occasion. Visibility could be a factor once again, so stick with the trees for the best reflected light and reference points. See you there for the morning explorations. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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