2-03-18 by dave

With a cloudy day forecast, it was a treat to see a Sunny Morning instead of flat light. The Groomers were offering the good lines of Hydro Velvet for the early risers. That small accumulation of yesterday’s precipitation seemed to add a bit of luxury to the mat, as that high density product helped cushion the ride. Off trail there are some hidden lines that are hidden out and about, and looking for wind lines is still worth the time. Even if you get skunked, like I did the other day, the adventure is fun. Those in search of moments can also pay off big at times. Here is a shot of the Snowbird Subaru set up on the deck. It is a very cool looking Winter worthy ride. Tomorrow, look for more great machine worked carpets on all sides of the hill. We will have to see how the visibility shakes out, but I am betting on good morning session. I will be looking for those wind lines again, and will report on my findings. The complexion of the hill can change in one hour, so anything can happen overnight. I will be back on the hill in the AM. and will have a first hand report for the post. See you there dark and early. Speed Safely!

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