2-02-18 by dave

Clouds hung on the peak, and the wind was blowing strong as a brush by was moving through. The precipitation was a rime ice event that stuck to the goggles and needed to be scraped periodically. I went looking for those wind lines that I thought would be there in very compromised visibility , and was handed a big NEGATORY!! The Groomers, on the other hand were smooth and consistent with pockets of wind deposited dust that was becoming more luxurious as the rime event continued. The carve traction was amazing and let you explore your inner Ligety. The front side of the hill offered great lines as well and the low traffic made max vertical good to go. Here is a shot of Team OZ, who are visiting from Australia and are avid readers of the site. It was great fun meeting them and sharing the stoke of a really fun day on the hill. Tomorrow, look for a storm day with precipitation, so dress for weather and cold temps. I was on the borderline today with just a shell. Wind lines did not really materialize and I don’t expect there to be much in the way of transport overnight. Keep an eye out just in case. I will be taking the day off to catch up with chores here at The Trailer. Aw Reety Aw Righty!!

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