2-09-18 by dave

It was a simply sizzling day with a cool morning, great corduroy, and wide open lines on all sides of the hill. The wind was brisk and was transporting what loose snow there was to season the prepared carpets. I was making fast laps on Lewis and Clark, where the untracked shag was full on shredtastic! On the front side of the hill, dry chalky quality was a treat, and the lower elevation had some very nice lines that kept me going back till breakfast. Off trail, the wind seemed to be adding a bit of consistency, but the low amplitude rumble was still keeping me honest. Here is a great shot of Joe Man The Snow Man and King Shmedley sharing the stoke on another back to back ripper!! Tomorrow, look for a changing weather pattern as a front is moving in out of the North. Look for those Groomed lines to be offering the consistency in the marginal light. The wind may also have worked some magic overnight, so look for wind lines to be a possibility on some aspects. Those wind loaded lines ought to be really fun and good to go for the early risers. I will be taking the day off as usual, have a great day. As Joe Man The Snow Man says,”Don’t Skip On The Groove Sauce”!!!

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