2-10-18 by dave

A quick blast of Essence was delivered today with cold temps. and wind driving the product to the low lying areas. Visibility was at a premium, and sticking to the trees made for some spacial reference. There was a bit of a lake effect, as there were periods of heavy snowfall adding to the goodness. As anticipated, the wind had worked the hill and was offering some really special lines if you looked for them. Here is a shot of Vince, with a fully frosted beard from driving through the face shots he was getting on just one of those exploration runs. Tomorrow, look for a cold morning, with clearing skies and much improved visibility. I will be looking for those wind lines that I did not get a shot at today. The Groomers will be ripping as well, with that mid Winter quality that holds up all day long. While there was not a large accumulation, there are going to be pockets that are holding more, so I will be checking around looking at some of the lines I was working last week that were holding the smooth. The traverses are getting a bit better, and this new snow will help with the access a bit. I will be back on the hill first thing and dressing for the cold. IBBY!!

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