2-11-18 by dave

It was a Sunday Funday, with bright Sun, fresh Essence, smooth groomers and early Trams to kick the day off. Mineral Basin was offering some amazing lines as yesterday’s heavy impulse late in the day left some spots knee deep. The Lewis and Clark explorations found amazing low angle goodness where there was absolutely no bottom. I made a few quick laps there to get the most and a fast lap to the Road to Provo to snag one of the lines I have been massaging all last week and it was prime and smooth. Here is a fun shot of Laura from France, who had just stepped out on the Peak for the very first time. I was very stoked for her and it was a great day to have as a first day! There were plenty of great untracked lines to be had, and shots that I had not skied were good to go with some of the deepest accumulation on the hill. Here is a shot of the lower Chamonix Chutes apron. My tracks just on the right of the rope line. Later in the day, the wind picked up out of the South and I was driving with the top down.
The wind was beginning to buff out some of the lines, which kept there me late in the day to take advantage of the improving conditions. Tomorrow, look for incoming weather and deteriorating visibility. Look for those smooth lines of today to be most reliable in the marginal vis. The Groomers will be shredtastic, and may have some wind blown goodness sweetening the surface. I will be looking for the wind to have loaded some of the High North aspects and may be worth taking a closer look. We will see. See you there for weather. Stay Frosty!!

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