2-12-18 by dave

It was a sleeper powder day, as a few inches of very nice quality Essence covered the dance floor. The wind was blowing hard on the peak and the wind chill was really sharp, sending me back to the locker down the front side to dress up. The bottom was fully in play and sticking with the known smooth lines was key. I went and visited some of the lines I was working last week and they were still smooth, though the visibility made it very tough to see as driving snow continued to fall for the morning session. There were a couple of brief sun patches that did not last as more impulses were coming up the Canyon. Here is King Shmedley, who was really stoked to have the new fresh lines. The Morning Crew went over to Lewis and Clark with a contingent going through the Alta gate to get first tracks before the first Alta skiers hit the top of the lift. Here is great shot of the morning breakfast commiseration. As the day progressed, the new product got cut up and a tad choppy. I was sticking to the smooth lines, even though I was going far afield. Tomorrow, look for unsettled weather in the AM, and I will be dressing for weather this time. Groomers should be offering ultra smooth Hydro Velvet as the new snow gets turned into the mat. I will be looking for lines that were overlooked in the difficult visibility. Traffic should be fairly light, but be there early for the first tracks on the living room shag. Straight Ahead!!

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