2-13-18 by dave

The overcast and flurries for this morning’s session did not materialize and bonus Sun was on tap for the early risers. Mineral Basin was offering sumptuous carpets of Hydro Velvet that let you explore your inner Ligety. A slight delay on the Baldy Chair made me move back to the front of the hill, where I found smooth cruising lines with Gun Powder deposited below all of multiple guns that were working on the hill. The long wafts of wash landed long down the hill, leaving perfect powdered sugar on the steep sections. I dialed it back as extracted maximum juice from each turn. I had to lap that goodness a few times before I stopped for breakfast. By Noon clouds in the Valley began to move into the mouth of the Canyon. Here is a shot of the Heavenly look of the clouds. The afternoon session was fun and fast and the low traffic made for back to back walk on Trams. The clouds did move in and the light went flat now and again. The off trail was well worth looking for the smooth lines that were still holding up. While the temps. did warm up, the snow remained nicely refrigerated and never got manky. Here is a shot of the Mid Gad Restaurant with the the tunes rocking the vibe. Tomorrow, look for a mix of weather and some blustery conditions. Look for wind loaded lines for the smooth that may be waiting here and there. The Groomers will be offering the usual epic carpets of Hydro Velvet. Coverage is good and the traverses improve with each additional accumulation. “….Explode into Space…”!!!

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