1-22-10 by dave

Friday morning had the Canyon closed as I said.  I took my time getting up there this morning with the mountain being still closed when I got there.  The Tram was jammed so I took the opportunity to ski the Forklift Chair while I waited for the hill to open up.  The new snow was so dense that you could just dance in the sweet gropple accumulation.  The wind was howling with very heavy snow falling continually.  Tracks were getting filled in quickly in some areas where the wind was favored creating some show stopping pockets.  The folks with the reverse camber skis were  best equipped for this type of snow.  I am going to have to get a pair at some juncture to get up to speed.  Every thing is skiing very well now with solid choices where every you choose.  The far reaches have filled in sufficiently to make long traverses worth the effort.  The tall willows could trip you up on the lower mountain, where that feature has been factor,  so skirt those so as not to get caught up.  We finally have what we all were waiting for so take advantage of the  high energy, the big shots, and the days that legends are made of.    More snow tonight will add to the goodness, and the road will be closing in the AM. for avalanche control, so check the road site for the opening.  I would write more but you can only say great is great so many ways, so you get my drift.  Hit it hard for me tomorrow as it is my down day.   Speed safely.  I’ll Be Blasting You!!!

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  1. Dave,
    I’m a good friend of “The Lepardman” and spent the week with him. I left on Thursday just in time to miss the best snow of the season. I skied with John, Charles and Nelson and improved my skiing a great deal. I bookmarked your site and look forward to reading it while I remain in NYC. I’ll be back in Feb. with my wife for a week of (hopefully) plenty of pounder. Hope to see you, I think we met last year in the plaza of the Bird.

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